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Kelsey and Smith have allowed life to get in the way of romance. Career changes for her, more work responsibilities for him and staggered work hours for both are taking their toll. When the disconnect becomes too much, headstrong Kelsey confronts her husband with the perfect solution—kink it up.

Smith quickly learns his wife isn’t talking silk scarves and spankings. She’s thinking more like wrist cuffs and nipple clamps. No matter her fantasy, he wants it to be perfect. And if that means an in-home tutorial with an old friend—and local Dom—he’s up for the challenge.

Never one to drag her feet, Kelsey makes her own plans to spice things up, only to find them derailed in the hottest way, yawning awake one minute and bound to her vintage ottoman the next. But when the smoldering heat clears from their light foray into bondage, will Smith and Kelsey regain their intimacy or will the kink factor form a rift they aren’t likely to overcome?

Inside Scoop: Thank God for old friends…especially ones well versed in BDSM!

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Everyone’s heard of Becca Wiley’s kickass inking skills, including the Master at a local BDSM club. He wants her to ink his subs with ultraviolet possession tattoos in exchange for enough money to pay her mortgage for six months—if she can pass an audition. All she needs is a human canvas.

For Chad Harrington, the last few weeks haven’t been a barrel of fun where his friends-only relationship with Becca is concerned. He’s ready for more, and what better way to say “I’m your man” than by offering a fresh patch of flesh for her audition, while safeguarding her from any other plans the Master may have in store?

Becca is shocked by her response to the eroticism at the club, but not as much as her reaction to Chad’s unexpected kiss and bold, scorching caresses. In less time than he can say “on your knees”, she learns what she’s been missing. And knows she wants more.

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Obsessed with exploring the kinkiness she buried years ago, Isabel starts to imagine that the sexy, biceps-to-drool-over bartender at her favorite pub is dropping hints about bondage. But fantasy suddenly becomes reality when she finds herself draped over the bar, wrists tied to the beer tap, begging for release.

Chris has an uncanny knack for sensing when one of his customers might be down with a little discipline and a lot of submission, and he suspects Isabel is primed for both. When he overhears her plan to hit a new round of dating sites, he’s forced to make his move and uses his talents as a BDSM blogger and chat-room Dom to his full advantage.

From bar to blog to bedroom, Chris employs tricks and toys to help Isabel recognize the undeniable truth. He’s the only Dom she’ll ever need.


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Erin learned a great deal during one of the workshops at RomantiCon. But she never dreamed, when she asked her friends to help act out one of her sex scenes, that her tape player would fall into the hands of a ridiculously hot, younger man.

Daniel loves older women and has lusted after Erin for years. He’s been waiting for the perfect time to approach her. He can’t wait to find out if she’s channeling her own desires into the characters in her book. Daniel thinks Erin is a secret exhibitionist and it’s finally time to step up and let her know he’s ready for anything she’s up for.

Erin isn’t the only one adept at sexual choreography. Before she can say “watch me”, Daniel—riding crop in hand—has her bent over a table at a sex club, determined to fulfill every dark fantasy Erin has ever had.






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Book One - "Hot Henderson" series

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Marissa Hughes, focused on establishing her baking business, has pushed aside all thoughts of menuntil Jason Henderson strolls into the kitchen the day before the wedding. Tall and ripped with teasing brown eyes, his heart-stopping grin has her self-imposed celibacy crumbling.

Jason sets eyes on the hot cake babe and immediately wonders if she’s as sweet as the confections she creates. Her girl-next-door cuteness and lush curves are sheer distraction. Before long he’s tasting more than just her famous butter cream.

Who knew a little leftover frosting, an urge to go pantiless and an errant bouquet toss would have Marissa’s calm existence churning in a sexual maelstrom she suddenly has no wish to overcome.


Book Two - "Hot Henderson" series

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It’s the summer of Tessa Ward’s discontent. Sales are low, she’s losing her best friend to the unholy union of matrimony and her sex life is on the skids. But that’s about to change.

Tom Henderson has covertly paid more attention to the fiery red head for longer than he’d like to admit and he’s kept his distance…until now. Assuming he can harness his desire, he gives her a lift home from a party, realizing his miscalculation the minute she slides across the seat of his truck.

All Tessa’s wanted for the past six months is to touch him. Maybe a little taste. But when he pulls her into his arms and the windows steam up, they both realize a little of anything is rarely ever enough.


Book Three - "Hot Henderson" series

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Back in Great Harbor and ready for a fresh start Vicky Wallis is looking forward to her cousin’s holiday party—until the event turns a little too kinky for her tastes. She flees the scene and finds a quiet, neighborhood bar complete with pool tables, fine bourbon and a hunk among hunks.

When the beauty dressed like a National Velvet wet dream sidles up to the bar, Andy Henderson has to have her. Soon an innocent game of Halloween role playing turns hot and they embark on a journey of sexual exploration neither expected the night to bring.

It’s an evening Vicky and Andy aren’t likely to forget. One filled with secret desires, skeletons in the closet and more than a few things going bump in the night. All night!



Book Four - "Hot Hendersons" series

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Prof. Shelly Latimer is spending the final moments of her day as planned…overlooking the river, a glass of good red wine in one hand and the coffin-shaped box containing her wedding rings in the other. She’s not looking for Divorce Day companionship but it finds her…in the hot, hard-bodied form of her neighbor, Luke Henderson.

Shelly’s logical mind balks at Luke’s sudden interest, although he strives to convince her he’s genuine—in ways she’s never experienced!

Luke realizes straight on he’ll have his hands full with more than Shelly’s womanly curves. There’s his playboy reputation to dispel, her apprehension of age differences to ease, and the daunting task of convincing her that the passion they shared is much more than just a fling.


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Whitney is ecstatic over her internship in Macedonia and the opportunity to hone her skills at the hands of a filigree master. Little does she know, the old craftsman has an ulterior motive for her presence—using her talent to save the dwindling numbers of his family’s canine shapeshifters, the Sharplanjat.

Jovan isn’t a shifter, but his sense of duty to the Sharplanjat is unwavering. Until he meets Whitney. His unbridled attraction to the outsider who might very well hold his family’s future in her hands forces him to throw caution aside and claim her as his own.

Mesmerized by the virile, violet-eyed foreigner, Whitney is more than ready for a quick, steamy affair. Underestimating Jovan’s determinedness, as well as the fact he has more in mind than a few days of scorchingly wild sex, Whitney’s emotions suddenly become more twisted than the designs she creates.

And when she finds out Jovan’s family secret, will she run screaming in fear or accept the fantasy that can only be found in her lover’s protective embrace?


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Susanne is one final challenge away from reaching the pinnacle of the beverage ladder—personal manager for a wealthy member of the private sector. A win at the national competition will assure her success and she’s intent that nothing will stand in her way. Not even the drop-dead sexy cowboy who sidles up to her at the hotel’s bar.

Trey is under express orders to find Susanne, weed her from the herd of other contestants and do whatever it takes to have her disqualified. It’s a foolproof plan—until the auburn haired beauty shows more than a passing interest in a bit of yee-haw rope play.

Before she realizes what he’s about, Trey has Susanne’s hands expertly bound and she’s forced to make a choice: play it safe or allow him full rein for an evening of uninhibited loving that leaves them both shaken and stirred.


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Claire is at a fork in the road. Literally. Having been forced onto an interstate detour she decides to head in the opposite direction. Quicker than she can say ‘goats in the road’ and ‘damn that tree looks close’, Claire finds herself stranded.

Coll isn’t prepared for the raw attraction between himself and the sports car-driving damsel in distress. But being a true son of Dixie he’s more than ready to offer her his assistance, complete with a brand of pure southern hospitality all his own.

Beneath Coll’s lips and hands the hot Georgia nights turn steamier than Claire ever imagined and before long she realizes that history has it all very wrong. The south can surely rise again. And again…and again…and again!

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Purchase the e-book

Ali is a mermaid on a mission. Her aunt wants to return to the sea for good and to do so she needs a piece of the mermaid treasure that has been entrusted over the years to the Guardian. It’s a fairly simple quest—but Ali’s plans change when a sexy, blue-eyed Devlin spins those plans into a corkscrew dive Ali’s not certain she wants to come out of.

Devlin enjoyed the tales his grandmothers told of merfolk treasure and his family’s duty to protect it, but he never believed the stories were real—until he comes face to face with the mermaid princess. But how can Dev convince Ali that her inner lure isn’t responsible for the incendiary attraction that they share? He really only has one choice—forge the deep waters of desire and seduce the siren

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Purchase the Print Book

Lucinda is scarcely the quintessential Victorian widow. From painting erotic masterpieces to ignoring society’s dictates to her renewed demand for the return of a sexually explicit journal confiscated by her late-husband’s partner.

Gideon admires Lucinda’s unconventionality and has offered her his services in all form and manner, except the one he truly desires—the one that will have him breaking his personal code of honor.

The journal’s vivid text and drawings weren’t meant for Lucinda’s eyes, but glimpse it she did. And now she demands it be returned—making clear she intends to explore its contents, not merely in verse but in actuality.If the frustratingly principled man won’t enlighten her, Lucinda can find another who will.

Abiding loyalty, Gideon reasons, goes only so far when the woman you adore leaves you little choice. Lucinda will learn her lessons well…and her proficiency will be thoroughly tested. By Gideon—and none other.

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Jewels of the Nile Vol IV

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