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An Excerpt From: JUST PRESS PLAY

Copyright © M.A. ELLIS, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.



Jesus, she was hot. The overhead light cast brightness and shadows in all the right places and Daniel clenched his fists, wondering why he had waited so damn long to make his move. He should have listened to Zac. That thought was as frightening as Erin not doing what he suggested. He held his breath, waiting to see if she would turn on the tape player. He prided himself on his quick thinking, and when he’d paged through her manuscript reading the highly erotic words, the proverbial light bulb had gone off. When he had turned on the player and listened to her soft voice recite the words she’d crafted, it had become clear there was more than the simple missionary-style mindset at work.

He watched the rapid rise and fall of her breasts, giving himself a mental pat on the back for not reaching around and fondling them when he had stood behind her. It would have been so damn easy to peel down the thin material of her bra and caress the softness. Full and undeniably not fake. So easy to test their weight in the palms of his hands before seeing just how sensitive her nipples were.

He shifted downward in the chair and spread his legs, giving his balls a little more room. Not that they’d need it. If she actually played along with his historical oration, his sac would be plastered against the base of his semihard cock in no time.

Erin peered out the window, focusing her gaze about two feet higher than the top of his head. She obviously couldn’t see him, but she knew he was there. Just like her horny heroine secretly knew each time she had an audience. He really did want to see how much of the author was embedded in the character and just how amenable she was to sharing that fact. He’d purposely chosen a scene after the earl had shown his lady how effectively she could pleasure herself. It seemed the perfect means for Erin to get a little insight into the male mind while he discovered just how adventurous she might be.

She glanced at the tape player, out into the darkness then back to her hands once more. Daniel waited, not realizing he was holding his breath until her index finger pressed the button and started the tape. She leaned to the side and placed the machine on the end table, and over the sudden acceleration of his heart, he heard his own voice.

“Isabella leaned her forehead against the pane of one of the conservatory’s tall windows and watched the final rays of the sun transform into a purple-hued dusk. Outside, the steward and the gardener appeared to be in a very heated discussion, no doubt prompted by something the overbearing earl had found unacceptable.”

They were her words—he’d dictated them precisely as she had written. But she’d soon find out that her hero wasn’t going to be walking up behind her and chastising her for disobeying his request that she wait for him in his room. He wasn’t going to show his power over her body and slowly strip her bare while the others covertly watched.

No, in Daniel’s quick revision, the earl had been in the courtyard outside the conservatory, enjoying an evening smoke. He wasn’t completely certain that was historically accurate, but it was the best he could come up with when brainstorming scenarios that had her inside and him outside.

“The earl stalked into the courtyard and quickly ordered the two men in his employ to make themselves scarce. He knew his lady well—knew she would disobey and end up in a spot as far away from his chamber as possible. He also knew she would have to be punished. Sweetly. With firm slaps to her shapely ass.”

He saw Erin’s eyes widen and he smiled. She hadn’t cracked up at his voice or his words. That was a plus for his plan. He had thought it fairly predictable that he’d find her in her office after the choreography session and unexpected housecleaning. His career centered on anticipating a person’s logical next move. He assumed she’d want to make changes to her story.

“He took a quick puff of his cigar and walked slowly toward the conservatory door. She was gorgeous. Headstrong. He doubted he’d ever get enough of her lush body. The feel of her nipples getting hard as he licked them, the sweetness that pooled at the base of her pussy. ‘Did I not tell you there would be a price to pay for ogling the hired help?’

Daniel smiled, completely delighted at the words. He’d done well.

“I’m tired of you disobeying. It wasn’t part of the bargain. But my having access to your body was. Take off your clothes, my lady. Nice and slow.”

Erin hesitated, but from the way she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her jeans, it appeared she wasn’t going to disappoint him.

Slowly shifting her hips to the left, then right, then left again, she wiggled her jeans halfway down her thighs and Daniel swallowed hard. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected—he knew her panties were white and had lace trim—but it sure as hell wasn’t hip-hugging boy shorts. He’d never really been a fan. Until now.

She let her jeans drop to the floor but didn’t step out of them. Her legs were in great shape and the slight fullness of her upper thighs was testament to the fact her country-club lifestyle had fallen by the wayside. And Daniel didn’t care. All he wanted to do was wrap his hands around the fleshiness and spread her wide enough that he could cushion the side of his head on one thigh while his fingers leisurely explored her soft, slick folds.

His cock leaped at the thought and he ran his open palm against his growing erection. The one thing he wasn’t going to do was whack off during the show. Or maybe he should rub a quick one out so when he finally took her to bed, he’d have the longevity every woman desired and every man wanted to provide. He’d needed women before. But he’d never really wanted one. Not like he wanted Erin. He hoped she would believe that fact because the earl was just about to repeat Daniel’s sentiment.

“He stood outside, looking in upon her beauty. His cock was as hard as granite and he couldn’t wait to slide his length into her heat. There was no feeling on earth that rivaled making love to a woman you craved. Whether that longing had been present for days or months or even years.”

Erin looked out into the darkness once more, brows shifting together in a little frown. He wanted to yell out that the words were the truth but he hadn’t allowed for extraneous commentary while recording.

“‘Touch yourself the way I showed you earlier. I want every part of your body flushed with anticipation. If you do satisfactorily well…if your nipples end up deliciously tight and your fingers drenched with your juice, maybe the punishment won’t be quite as severe.’”