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Copyright © 2009-2012 M. A. Ellis. All rights reserved

Kelsey glanced across the room to where the paddle lay, knowing he was purposely delaying their foray into obedience. All the articles she’d read had stressed the importance of the tease. Of the mental byplay that was as important as the discipline itself. But she wanted to get to the meat of the matter. For him to tell her how she had misbehaved. To see how it would feel to have a real smack land on her naked ass.

Smith turned his head and met her gaze. She purposely raised her chin, silently challenging him to make a move. The ever-present twinkle in his green eyes was beginning to dim and Kelsey’s heartbeat sped.

“It’s not going to be that easy, Kelsey.” His gaze narrowed and she knew he’d read her mind. “This isn’t going to be the simple bind me, spank me, then fuck-me fantasy you’re thinking about.”

Her heart stumbled. She wasn’t sure if it was from his frankness or the thought that he had something more complex in mind than what she assumed. There was only one way to find out.

“But we agreed—”

“We agreed on the ground rules,” he interrupted. “Get back up on your hands and knees. As you so disobediently pointed out, you’re not the only one with a fantasy here.”

Kelsey resumed her previous position, his firm tone setting her nerves on high alert. She knew all about his fantasies and she was going to see to their fulfillment herself. Very soon, in fact. But thanks to Smith’s call-to-action attitude, something excessively hot was apparently on her erotic horizon. She stole a glance at the leather paddle and heard him chuckle.

“Not so fast, sugar.” He brushed a wisp of hair that had escaped from her ponytail behind her ear. His fingertips danced along the sensitive skin of her lower lobe and she couldn’t hide the shiver that swept through her body.

“This would be a whole lot hotter if you canned the southern endearments, you know.” She goaded him, wondering why she felt as if she had to divert his attention from the fact his simple caress had affected her. Was it self-preservation? A simple reaction from what she perceived as his lack of interest in her of late? Kelsey expected him to offer up another laugh and a little more banter and her mind raced, trying to think of what to say that would incite him more. Get him to move it along.

Suddenly, his strong fist closed around the length of her long red hair, forcing her head back so quickly she lost her breath. Gone was the teasing glint in his eyes or the crooked upturn of his lips. Kelsey met his stern gaze, furrowed brows making it clear the time for lighthearted chitchat was over. It was a look of power. A look of control. So fucking hot and unexpected, dampness trickled downward, teasing her folds until she was forced to shift her hips.

“Stay still,” he commanded, twisting his wrist so the shorter hair at the base of her neck stretched just to the point of pain. His little finger stroked the patch of skin between her shoulder blades and she focused on not tensing her back muscles.

“If I want a response from you, I’ll ask for it. Until then, be quiet.”

The drumming in her chest increased until it echoed in her ears. She didn’t know if she should nod her head in the affirmative or answer him out loud. If she spoke, what would he do? A part of her truly wanted to find out, but another part, the one that was connected to the throbbing in her pussy, wasn’t so sure.

This is what you wanted. What you’ve dreamed about for so long. What you finally had the balls to throw out there. He’s stepped up and what are you ready to do? Raise the safety flag and bail?

Smith released her hair as quickly as he’d grabbed it and the discomfort turned into a pleasurable tingle. She breathed deep, only to have it cut short when he moved to her side to slowly trail a solitary finger down her spine. Heat followed in the wake of his caress, snaking outward along her nerve endings as he worked his way toward the divot at the small of her back. Memories of how he used to stroke that exact spot after they’d made love, no matter the position, assailed her. Was he remembering as well how that simple gesture had conveyed an array of feelings? Comfort. Satisfaction. Possession.

The sweetness of the past dueled with the titillation of the moment. She wanted to embrace both emotions, somehow meld them into one entity that would rekindle their intimacy but possibly take it a step farther. Happily ever after with the occasional ball gag and riding crop.

Instead of pausing at the small of her back as she hoped he might, Smith continued lower, not stopping until he touched the cleft of her ass. He caressed the fleshy valley, each downward stroke seeming to delve deeper between her cheeks. Sweat broke out along her brow as a flush of heat shot through her body. He moved a little further and the muscles in her glutes involuntarily tightened.

“You afraid, Kelsey?”

His finger dipped lower, pressed a little harder. “No,” she quickly responded.



This site may contain material that is inappropriate for persons under the age of 18.
If you are under the age of 18 please click here.

Copyright © 2009-2012 M. A. Ellis. All rights reserved